The Manager's Master Class

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February 2021 cohort.

Building a successful team starts with you.

In just 12 weeks, Launch! will help your managers become the capable, confident leaders your company needs.

Blended Learning

Training sessions are provided with a combination of on-demand video plus live online cohort sessions.

Personalized Instruction

Cohort size is limited to a maximum of 15 participants to ensure each one gets personal attention.

Private Coaching

Optional private coaching is included for those wanting additional help applying the skills learned.

Delegation problems?

Work slows, frustration mounts, and your team doesn't develop their skills effectively.

Communication problems?

Your team doesn't connect with you. They aren't sure what you want, or what you think.

Culture problems?

Your people may feel like you don't care. Or that you're too busy to develop them.

It doesn't have to be this way!

We're not born with delegation, communication and culture skills. They are learned. With Launch! your managers will master the skills they need to be top performers.

The Ultimate Investment in Management Skills

Discover Management Styles

Learn your strengths and challenges as a manager with our Everything DiSC® Management assessment.

Coach Teams to Success

Practice coaching conversation tools in our live online sessions to enhance your coaching skills.

Master the Art of Delegation

Learn how to rely on your team & eliminate drive-by delegation with our step-by-step process.

Influence Key Stakeholders

Learn to be a more effective influencer and get increased buy-in from your boss. Plus... focus on growing your network. 

Build a Better Culture

Discover the intrinsic needs of your people so you can help them connect to their work more meaningfully.

Create High Performers

Learn to guide your team toward behaviors that increase collaboration and improve performance.

Cohort registration closes on February 10


$1,999 / person

Don't just take our word for it

Ask these companies how Launch transformed their management teams.

“Launch! struck exactly the right combination of applicable content and expert and engaging delivery. I highly recommend this training to any organization needing to elevate its managerial capacity.”

CEO, Clowe & Cowan of El Paso, LLC

“Launch! has changed every conversation I have. Not just at work, but in my personal life too.”


Risk Manager, McKenny's Inc.

“Launch! helped me tailor my communication strategies and increase trust, productivity, and empathy in relationships at work.” 

Atlanta Branch Manager, White Electrical Construction Company

“I've taken several training courses this year, but Launch! has been the best because of the skills we practiced in the Learning Labs. That really made the learning stick!”

Safety Administrator, McKenney's Inc.

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